A Fathers Touching Letter to His Daughter

IMG953281Here is an email my dad sent me today and I want to share the win.

I told you I’ve been copying all the family home videos to DVD and then converting them to digital files.

Mostly I just do the processes, which is time consuming, and walk away. I have sat down and played a few through though.
I just have to tell you, if you had overdosed and died I would never have been able to bear to watch any of them again. Now you are alive and sober, and I can share the videos with you.
I am so grateful to God, Narconon and you for getting and staying clean.

Sincerely and with all my love,
your Dad”
That email pulled at my heart strings a bit.. I never would’ve thought 4 years ago that i would be where I am today. Almost 30, alive, loving what I do, a big group of friends and my family back. It’s possible. Before you know it, drugs aren’t the solution anymore. When I have bad days, getting high is the furthest thing from my mind. It does get easier. Things will still be hard but you’re alive and still fighting. That’s a win in itself.