Heroin Overdose Spike

In August, 2015, Washington, Pennsylvania, a community of 200,000, had eight heroin overdoses in just 70 minutes. The calls continued after the initial eight and by the end of the day, sixteen people had overdosed.  After 42 hours the number had climbed to 25. Thankfully only 3 of those 25 passed away. This was due to the emergency responders who are now able to carry naloxone. A quick acting overdose-reversing drug which saves the lives of overdose victims.

Were these overdoses caused by a bad batch or just a group of addicts who underestimated the drugs strength? Actually neither, they were a direct effect and sign of just how bad the heroin epidemic has gotten. With frequent overdoses, calls like these are becoming commonplace in many towns and cities in the northeast.  In fact, heroin continues to be an epidemic across America, destroying lives in its wake.

“The United States averages 110 overdose deaths from legal and illegal drugs every day. The heroin death toll has quadrupled in the decade that ended in 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

It is for this reason it is so important that everyone is educated on the signs of heroin abuse. Knowing what to look for can prevent the preventable death of a friend or loved one. Please contact us today if someone you know is using heroin or if you need information on the signs of heroin abuse.


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