Sister of Narconon Graduate
Maggie F.

She’s my older sister and she’s always kind of had some problems since she was a paramedic and she injured her back and I think that’s kind of when everything started.

She got divorced. She just went through a lot in her life and things seemed to get worse. A lot of alcohol. And I really don’t know what other drugs she was doing at the time but I knew she’d been in a really bad accident.

And after that she kind of just went into this downward spiral of drugs and alcohol. And she and I had confrontations many times. I would take her kids to come live with me or stay with me for a period.

She was totally out of control. I actually took care of her twice, put her in the ICU [Intensive Care Unit] in the hospital for overdose. And I was like you know what, she’s gonna die. If I don’t do something more she’s gonna die.

It was so obvious but she would say, “I’m not doing any drugs, I’m not drinking, I’m not…” It’s like, “Come on. I do this for a living too, you know, I’ve known you for so long. Even my kids know, they tell me you’re acting weird.” So she admitted. She’s gonna go to Narconon.

I can tell you now that without reservation at all she is a totally different person.

And I can’t even tell you how grateful I am. And she, she’s still a part of it, you know. She shares her gift of rehab with others and, you know, helps them. She has that inside perspective of, you know, not being able to beat it, not being able to beat it and then finally it, she beat it.

She’s leading a normal life. The kids love being around her. She’s active in all their activities, you know. Just exponential change.

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