Aaron in Drug Rehab
September 12, 2017

Waiting for Rock Bottom

Someone you care about is clearly an addict. Or, not so clearly… maybe you suspect it. If you suspect it, they usually are. Let’s face it, the signs of drug addiction are not subtle. However, it’s not something anybody wants to be true. We don’t want THAT to be happening.


Aaron in Drug Rehab
August 28, 2017

How do You Recover from the Physical Damage of Addiction?

When someone spends every day putting drugs and into their system, simply getting sober only handles part of the problem. Many addicts find that even though it is good to be sober, they still feel the damage done to their body.


Mike in Drug Rehab
July 18, 2017

Raising the Bars

Oregon is working on a bill to defelonize the possession of small amounts of heroin and cocaine. When this was first brought up, it caused much controversy because law abiding citizens felt it was crazy that someone would not be arrested if they had cocaine or heroin.


Aaron in Drug Rehab
June 25, 2017

Shocking Solution to Heroin Addiction

“From a mom’s side of a heroin addiction, I hope this article helps lift someone’s spirit or helps them with a direction. I get to see my success story live every day and I pray others get to experience the same.” —Mother of Narconon Graduate


Joe Cuslidge in Drug Rehab
April 24, 2017

Problems of Drug Treatment

Each time someone uses drugs or alcohol, they are essentially poisoning their bodies. This mainly goes unnoticed for the duration of their abuse. Drugs take the person out of what is happening right in front of them and puts all of their attention on the euphoric feeling they get from the substance.


Aaron in Drug Rehab
March 16, 2017

Enabling VS Love

An enabler is defined as a person who encourages negative or self-destructive behavior in another. This is the definition I found on the internet and reading the meaning is hurtful. What parent wants to be referred to as being an enabler to their drug addicted child?


Derek Heiblim in Drug Rehab
December 27, 2016

Will 2017 Be the Year to Change?

For those suffering from addiction or connected to someone who is, holidays are a time when life becomes real. Many addicts go through the motions of daily life while hiding their use and keeping things off the radar… at least for the most part.


Aaron in Drug Rehab
December 21, 2016

Open for Christmas

Many addicts become estranged from their families and friends due to their behavior. Over time the lies, stealing, and other destructive behavior can become too much for the family around them. When the holidays roll around, we understand many of these emotions can resurface.


Dianna in Drug Rehab
September 17, 2016

Don’t Try to Fool Me With Mother Nature

Most of the time, I do not have an opinion over whether or not a particular drug is legalized because whether the drug is legal or criminalized, the drug will still be abused. Front and center in this debate, is Kratom .


Tara Smith in Drug Rehab
August 28, 2016

Treatment VS. Incarceration

Every 18 seconds, an American is arrested for drug possession (Centers for Disease Control, 2010) .