Cravings – The Downfall of Sobriety

Addiction, a growing epidemic that has crept into our schools, lives of our children, and loved ones can be handled when one can look at the cause of cravings and how to stop them. There are many factors that will lead a person to use drugs or alcohol as a solution for life. One of the first factors that need to be addressed is cravings. Cravings indicate that the body and mind are requiring a certain substance. The Narconon program in Louisiana recognizes how vital it is to address cravings in an individual in order to permanently stay off drugs and alcohol.

Cravings result when an individual has consumed enough drugs and alcohol that their body requires it. This will often happen after only a few uses. When the body no longer has the drugs and alcohol it reminds the individual that it is “necessary”. There are several ways in which this will occur. Some people get very sick without the drugs or alcohol, some people can’t stop thinking about the drugs or alcohol, and all too frequently both manifestations
will occur. This makes abstaining from drugs and alcohol almost impossible.

The holiday season, especially, is a time when these cravings are most often noticed. Most addicts will attempt to stay clean from any hard drugs and alcohol, however those attempts are usually in vain. While trying to stay away from these substances, their bodies demand it even more. Often times the holidays are a time of pain and torment for these addicts. While their loved ones are celebrating, addicts are constantly thinking about their next high. And, in addition because of the guilt associated with drug addiction, the addict will often use even more during this time.

There is a way to overcome cravings. Narconon Louisiana, a long-term, inpatient drug and alcohol facility, located just outside of Baton Rouge, employs a unique detoxification process to significantly reduce drug cravings. Clients are called students, not patient’,s because they are learning how to live a life free of drugs. Key to addressing cravings is the New Life Detoxification step in which students students undergo a carefully worked out regiment of dry heat sauna, exercise, vitamins and other nutrients. This method allows the drug metabolites that are stored in the body to release. When an individual consumes drugs or alcohol the metabolites attach to the fatty cells and remind the body that it wants the substance. Upon completing the sessions in the dry heat sauna, students, with the metabolites gone or greatly reduced, are able to confront their addiction without the barrier of ever-present cravings holding them back.

Eliminating cravings paired with finding out why the student resorted to drugs is what makes Narconon Louisiana so successful. In a field where the average success rate is between 12-20% Narconon Louisiana rises above that with the vast majority of its students obtaining permanent recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Addiction can be handled if one addresses cravings as well as the reasons behind the drug use. Call Narconon Louisiana if you or anyone you know is in need of help at 866-422-4650.