What Is Drug Addiction?


Many people who are thinking about coming to Riverbend Retreat have the question, “What is drug addiction?” According to the Mayo Clinic, drug addiction means dependence upon street drugs or medications. When someone is addicted, he or she may not be able to control his or her drug use. Drug addiction causes intense cravings for drugs. The addict might want to quit the drugs, but most people can’t do it on their own, no matter how much they want to quit or how hard they try.

People don’t always understand “What drug addiction is”, so an occasional drug user may become a drug addict without even recognizing it—a process which can occur very rapidly with today's powerful drugs such as crack cocaine and methamphetamine.

The next obvious question is: “What is the answer to drug addiction?” Our simple answer is that the Narconon Program can rehabilitate someone a drug addiction by removing the addict from the drugs, getting the toxins out of his system, and then empowering the individual by giving him the knowledge and tools needed to address the causes (both physical and mental) underlying the person's drug use. This is a unique, multi-pronged and drug-free approach which enables the former addict to regain control of his or her life and set out on a new course, free from the ravages and compulsions of drug or alcohol abuse.

For more information about what is drug addiction and its resolution, you can contact one of our drug addiction counselors. Call us.