A Drug-Free Model for Drug Rehabilitation

Road to Recovery

Narconon Riverbend uses an entirely drug-free model of rehabilitation. While current medical models might call for such practices as “methadone maintenance” and other forms of “therapy,” statistics bear out that such measures do not help create drug-free lives. Instead, addicts are given substitute drugs that leave the substance abuser with the same problem he started with—dependence on chemicals to get through life.

The root of addiction lies in the fact that drug users first got hooked when they realized that they could take a chemical to achieve a release from the problems in their lives. In other words, they were struggling with the confusion, upset, trauma and difficulty attendant upon the problems in their lives. When they took the drug, the problem seemed to vanish. Actually, it didn’t go away. The drug just masked it.

Eventually, the addict develops a tolerance to his drug of choice, and either has to take more drugs or a harder drug in order to get the same “release”.

For this reason, even if you get the addict off drugs, he or she is still likely to go back to using. Once he returns to his normal environment and is confronted with the problems that he was dealing with before he started to use drugs, he’ll use again to get release.

The Narconon program helps the addict to confront and deal with the underlying issues that led him to drugs in the first place.

If you or your loved one is suffering from drug addiction, we can help get your lives back on track. Call our certified drug counselors now for immediate assistance. Addiction doesn’t have to be a fact of life. Narconon rehabs help people to become “ex-addicts” every day of the year. We can help you. Call us now.