Should I Go to Rehab?

Upset Guy

When getting up in the morning is the hardest thing that you do all day and you think to yourself, “I have to have my fix so I can make myself get out of bed and get through this day,” then you might need to go to rehab. If you are the kind of person who justifies expenditures on drugs with a rationalization along the lines of, “I need to buy this drug so I can do my job,” then you might need to go to rehab. If you’re the kind of person who has to ask himself, “Why do I have a criminal charge for indecent behavior?” then you might need to go to rehab. If you’re the kind of person who says to himself, “My wife is divorcing me, but it’s just because she just doesn’t get my fun drugs,” then you might need to go to rehab.

All of this is not an attempt to make light of drug abuse. It is a very serious subject. Many people in one’s life can be harmed because of drugs. Your job can suffer because of them. Your community can suffer because of them. Should you go to rehab? If you read this piece and said, “That’s me,” then you need to go to rehab.

So where do you go from here? Many people try to quit abusing alcohol or other drugs by themselves. But often they are unable to quit and then turn to rehab for an answer. Rehab can be pursued through outpatient rehabilitation clinics but can also be through inpatient or residential facilities. Inpatient treatment is a process in which a person stays on-site at a rehab facility for a period of 28 to 180 days or even longer. While they are there, they receive treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction.

Rehab should give the client the exact help he needs so that he can get better. The kind of treatment one receives in rehab consists of counseling and emotional help. Addicts should also undergo effective remedies for the physical consequences of addiction. When a person goes to a good rehab center they have a much easier time with withdrawal. The reason for this is that the rehab center can medically supervise the detox process and provide the nutritional supplementation that the patient desperately needs at this time.

When a person goes to an inpatient rehab center, he is working on rebuilding his whole existence. While in inpatient rehab, he is in a distraction-free environment, free of having to face the people he saw and the situations that he was in each day before he decided to quit. These situations are often factors that played a role in the user’s decision to rely on drugs or alcohol. Addicts often take drugs in order to be able to cope with their lives. Once in a rehab inpatient facility, the drugs are taken away and the addict has to rebuild his defenses without their assistance. Users who go home each day after outpatient therapy have to continually re-confront all the pressures, stresses, and drug-encouraging messages that they experienced while using, and success is just that much more difficult to obtain. These users literally do not have the time to rebuild their defenses while only attending outpatient rehab. In contrast, in inpatient rehab, the addict has a fighting chance to rebuild his defenses, develop new strategies for coping, and is then empowered to deal with his problems when he returns home—all without the “help” of drugs or alcohol.

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