Clean-Needle Clinics Reduce Fatalities But Ignore Problem of Rehab

Clean Needles

A Canadian clean-needle clinic recently released a study showing a 40% drop in heroin-related fatalities in their area.

Clean-needle clinics are sites where heroin users can bring their own drugs and receive free, sterile syringes for use in injecting themselves.

When addicts go to these clinics, they have a lower chance of overdosing as well as zero risk of getting an infectious disease as a result of a dirty needle.

While reducing the rate of fatalities from heroin abuse is commendable, the fact that can’t be ignored is that a heroin addict is already among the walking dead. Obsessed over getting the next fix, unable to function, typically poverty-stricken from the cost of their habit, heroin addicts are at a standard of living lower than that in most third world countries.

A typical heroin addict’s body quickly reaches the point where it is almost dead.

So while clean-needle clinics may succeed in keeping heroin addicts alive, what a heroin abuser needs is effective drug rehabilitation. Only a drug abuse rehab center can help a heroin user actually get his life back.

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