Taking a Long Look at Who I am

ZM Narconon Graduate

Before coming to Narconon, I had a really messed up life. Literally every aspect of it was going down the toilet. I lived for myself, but I also lived to destroy myself. I used people and I hurt people. I had no purpose in life and I was on the verge of dying.

When I got to Narconon, I still didn’t really want to stop getting high. That was all I knew for so long and I didn’t know how else to live. After I completed the sauna detox, that changed. I felt better physically and mentally. I was able to relax and be content with sitting around and not being high.

The staff at Narconon helped me more than I could imagine. I went to other rehabs before and none of them came to having the effect on me that this one did. Most of the staff were addicts at one time and they all went through what I went through—so they understood. They knew what it was like, and they helped me overcome it.

I know that who I was is not who I am. I am a good guy who just got overrun by the demons in my life. I faced those demons and took back control of my life. Even though I already felt better physically, as I was preparing the final steps of the Narconon program, it really had the greatest effect on my recovery. I took a long look at my entire life and found out when and why I became the person I was before I arrived at Narconon Louisiana.

I can honestly say I am happy now and I am more than ready for life. I have all the tools I need to live a productive life and it is all thanks to Narconon and the staff here who helped me provide those tools for myself. I am beyond grateful.

—ZM Narconon Graduate