Narconon Saved My Son

Father and Son on Bench

My son first started experimenting with Marijuana. I caught him 3 times and thought I had fixed the issue, but he continued and got himself into a cycle of abuse that went from marijuana, to narcotics then to even more dangerous substances: ecstasy, cocaine. He retreated from normal society and spent a lot of time in his room. I thought when we got him into college, he would start afresh and stop the abuse, but it got worse and he ended up in the emergency room with multiple seizures which lasted 3 days. We nearly lost him. He was very close to dying. Never underestimate the power of these substances and the extent to which individuals will go to cover up and continue their slide down into oblivion.

We sent our son to Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat for several reasons: we were desperate, they had a great success rate and the program they offered seemed suitable for him.

Narconon staff stayed by his side all through his detox and were responsible for his recovery. He went into their residence program and spent the next months fighting his demons. The staff at Narconon guided him through the process and today we have our son back whole and doing very well in college.

At the time of writing this, he is one year clean and making his own way in life. He conquered his demons and we are very proud of him.

The folks at Narconon are great, compassionate, understanding and without their help our son would not be with us today.

Thank you Narconon—especially the staff.

—Narconon Graduate’s Father