There Is a Life without Having to Be High

Bre Narconon Graduate

Before I came to Narconon I lived in one of the biggest party cities in the US while a college student. I started going out every weekend, then about four days a week, then every night. I got involved with a crowd that used drugs and I became curious and decided to try some myself. As a freshman in college and only a year out of high school, I saw it as just “experimentally” trying cocaine, ecstasy, alcohol etc. I got hooked on cocaine and couldn’t go a day without it. I went from doing a gram a week to about 4-5 grams a day.

I started noticing a problem when I would prepare lines of coke on my nightstand so I could take it the next morning before I got out of bed. My parents found out my problem and researched different rehabs online which led me to Narconon. The first few weeks at Narconon were tough for me but when I realized only good things could come from it, I chose to put all my effort into changing. I started to get a lot more confident in myself and knowing that I didn’t need drugs to go about my day, I grew stronger and developed an honest relationship with my family and friends as I worked to gaining their trust back.

By being at Narconon, I gained confidence in myself and my ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle. What I would say to anyone using is that there is a life without having to be high. There is no better feeling than working on yourself and the relationships you have with others. Narconon is the answer to drug addiction because they really care about you and helping you to straighten out your life. Narconon has changed me into a better person and I couldn’t be happier or more excited about my sobriety and my future.

—Bre Narconon Graduate