One of the Best Decisions I Ever Made

JH Narconon Graduate

Before I came to Narconon I had no clue as to how to handle my emotions. I didn’t know why I had to hit “rock bottom” to see that I was not handling myself in a productive manner. I was in and out of jail and I was unhappy with myself and my actions. I knew I needed help.

With the help of a great friend of mine, I was able to come to Narconon. I was able to get myself back. I was able to feel feelings again. I found out here what made me do the things I did.

I am able to communicate with my wife and my family far better than I ever have. I have my communication with my brother, sisters, and mother again. I know if my father was still alive he would be proud of who I am today.

With the tools that Narconon gave me, I am able to do anything I set out to do. I am so excited to be this man I am today and I owe it all to the amazing staff and their dedication to everyone who is lucky enough to come here.

Going to Narconon was one of the best decisions I ever made.

—JH Narconon Graduate