Finding a Rehab That Works

Hands holding the word hope

After bouncing in and out of rehabs for many years and not being able to string a few weeks of sobriety together, I had pretty much given up on living a clean life. I was miserable inside and made it miserable for others to be around me. Going to Narconon was exactly what I needed and when I needed it the most. After getting through the initial transition, I became more aware of myself and the world around me. By removing the haze of drugs and alcohol, I gained the ability to confront my life in all areas, both good and bad.

I have become more confident in myself and able to communicate how I feel to others. Most importantly ,I can now understand how I feel for myself and know why and how to handle it. I had forgotten how it felt to live a clean life. With the help of staff, other students, and my own self-determinism, I have gotten more out of the program than I ever thought possible. It wasn’t easy, and no one even said it would be. However, it was well worth it.

—Recent Narconon Graduate