Narconon Graduate Grateful for Program

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A graduate of the Narconon drug rehab provided an interview about how he got into this program and made himself drug free.

Our young man had been doing drugs a few years and was not able to get himself off, although he knew it was causing much damage to himself and his family. He made it into the Narconon Riverbend drug rehab and this is what he had to say:

“The Narconon program benefited me in more ways than one. I thought I was just going there to get off drugs but by the end of my stay I couldn’t believe how much I got out of this program.”

He stated that after one week his parents could tell a huge difference in him just by talking to him. He continued to make improvements as each day went on.

“I learned how to communicate effectively, how to confront and handle any of life’s many problems and the importance of honesty and my personal integrity.”

This young man felt that it was no longer a struggle for him to survive day by day and that is the part he enjoyed the most.

“I wake up every day happy, and ready to take on the world.”

He then said to us that he eventually got the desire to join staff at Narconon so he could help save the lives of others.

“It has been a wonderful experience working with the rest of the great staff members here at Narconon Riverbend.
“It feels amazing to go from where I was at before I first came to Narconon to where I am now—making a difference in the world and saving the lives of others just like myself.”

These are powerful statements from a young man who used and abused drugs, affected his health, his family and friends, and now he is contributing and helping people every day.

“I owe my life to this place, because without it I would either be dead or in jail right now.”

Our thanks to this young man for his interview and we appreciate his great success.

If you or someone you love needs to get drug-free, contact Narconon Louisiana. They will help you withdraw and detox from drugs and/or alcohol in a safe and natural way. Counselors are with you 24/7. Narconon Riverbend is one of the most successful drug rehabs in the world.