The Drug Personality

addict talking to doctor

Is there such a thing as a drug personality? Yes there is. It is artificial and created by drugs.

Drugs change the attitude of a person from their original personality to one where they secretly harbor hostilities and hatreds, and they don’t permit these to show on the surface.

When a person first gets abusive with drugs they try to hide their drug use from friends and family. Then they start to suffer from the effects of their own dishonesty and guilt.

They may become withdrawn and hard to deal with and behave strangely. The more they use drugs or alcohol the guiltier they will feel and the more depressed they will become. They will sacrifice their personal integrity, relationships with friends and family, jobs, money and anything else they may have in an attempt to get more drugs.

The drugs are now the most important thing in their lives. If you or someone you love are showing signs of a drug personality, there is help at Narconon New Life Retreat.

What is the Narconon New Life Retreat program? It is a very different and uniquely designed program which uses a 100% holistic, drug free, and natural approach. After a drug-free withdrawal, thorough detoxification is used to help remove the residuals from past drug use and thereby decrease or eliminate cravings. These steps are followed by extensive life skills courses which give the person the understanding and skills necessary to make up the damage to past relationships and move forward to create a successful, drug-free and happy life.

If you or someone you love need a drug rehab program, we can help. Call a certified chemical dependence counselor now.