The Media Influences Drug-Related Choices among Teens

Teen drug use

Alcohol is responsible for 4,700 deaths per year among young people under the age of 21. At least 14 studies have found that the more young people are exposed to alcohol advertising and marketing, the more likely they are to drink. Or if they are already drinking, they are likely to drink more.

Despite claims of responsible advertising standards for liquor products, millions of underage persons will continue to be exposed to hard liquor advertising evidenced in the appealing, funny, and seductive spots for beer. Industry-sponsored “responsibility” messages required by the guidelines represent just another thinly veiled form of product promotion.

The dangers of alcohol and other drugs are often disregarded by teenagers. That feeling of “I know what’s best for me” often wins out over reason. That is why it is important to have open communication where questions are allowed and then answered honestly. Changing the subject or pretending things are okay when they are not, only leads to an avoidance of what the teen is dealing with.

Narconon Louisiana understands that talking to your kids about drugs, even in the best of circumstances, can be difficult. However, it is a conversation that is best had with a parent as opposed to leaving it up to the media. This is especially so, as research shows that what liquor ads teach young people are the various brands, how to use alcohol; and that drinking is fun, cool, and romantic. The truth is that drinking can wind the person up in a drug rehab, a vehicle accident or worse.

If the media is the first and last avenue of communication that our teens have, we are certain to lose. For more information on talking to your kids about drugs and/or alcohol, contact us for alcohol abuse solutions.