10.6 Million Drivers under the Influence of Illicit Drugs

Car Crash

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 10.6 million people reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs in 2010. It may even be safe to assume the actual number is even higher. That means that over 4% of the population of the United States drive while high. The number of people driving under the influence of alcohol is even higher at 28.8 million (or 11.4%). This equates to sober drivers sharing the road with addicts and alcoholics every day. With these staggering numbers, it is clear that instead of imprisoning addicts or just ignoring the problem, we should address this head on.

How can addicts and alcoholics change their ways?

The struggle for an addict is not the desire to change; the struggle is doubting their ability to change or even questioning whether they deserve to be happy. Once someone has led the life of an addict for a while, they have amassed more problems and guilt than they can face. It starts when someone comes across something in life that they cannot handle. Drugs and alcohol are a solution for them and this solution destroys them from the inside out. The only important thing for an chronic drug abuser is getting high and staying high. They cannot fathom happiness or release from the bonds of addiction. A drug addict or alcoholic behaves very selfishly, but they are also punishing themselves far more than any prison ever could. Once a person has sunk that low, it seems impossible to get back up again. Is there a way to salvage someone once they have all but disappeared?

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