Depression and Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

Which comes first—the depression or the addiction?

People who have suffered recent episodes of major depression have higher rates of alcoholism and drug addiction compared with the rest of the population, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. People often self medicate and, following that, begin a terrible cycle of addiction. What they don’t understand is their abuse of drugs and alcohol is a breeding ground for depression and anxiety.

On a mental level, the addict has difficulty finding joy or happiness in anything while they are not under the influence. At some point, an addict surrenders to the idea they must be high to experience any emotions. They must be high to celebrate an accomplishment, to escape sadness, to solve problems, enjoy sex, have meaningful relationships, to work or to play. The addict truly believes and operates on this principle, numb to the fact that the quality of his life and relationships with others are actually on a downward spiral. Leading us to the “chicken or the egg” question; which came first – the depression or the addiction?

The truth is that addiction creates more depression and anxiety. This occurs due to the effects on the brain and body, and also because the person has been living a miserable and exhausting life. Addicts who believe their depression or anxiety will overtake them if they are sober are very stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction. Psychotropic medications are usually prescribed for depression and anxiety which do nothing other than mask the symptoms. What if there was a solution that brought a person’s brain and body back to health? There is.

Narconon Louisiana is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that is dedicated to restoring people to health and happiness. This means that people facing seemingly insurmountable depression and anxiety entwined with drug and alcohol addiction have hope. We are proud to be a drug rehab in Louisiana that can help with all of the issues that contribute to drug addiction. If you or someone you love are dealing with these issues, call for help now.