Cocaine Abuse in Galveston, Texas

Cocaine Drug Abuse

A TV news station reported just recently that more than two dozen bricks of cocaine washed ashore on Galveston Island. These drugs had been adrift in the Gulf of Mexico and they came ashore at Indian Beach.

There were only a few people walking on the beach and they came across a bag full of cocaine and it turned out this cocaine was worth about $2 million dollars. A beach visitor said, “It’s a family beach. You wouldn’t expect that.” Captain Jeff Heyse with the Galveston Police Department said, “A jogger found a large burlap bag in the sand, he took it with him unopened; but then he cut into it and found the bricks, which obviously, from television, look exactly like they do in real life. He found what he believed to be cocaine, called the police, we went out and investigated, and sure enough, that’s exactly what it was.”

It was reported that the bricks had stamps typical of cartel contraband. So they were assuming that they may have been a shipment that was set afloat from smugglers off shore that drifted from the pickup point. The DEA was doing a thorough investigation. This find is not what the beachgoers expected to see that day. Another tourist stated, “It’s kind of alarming, you know, there’s a lot of kids out here. Who’s to say a kid won’t open that bag and try to taste something in that bag?”

Good point. I am sure that will not be the last time some of these packages will float onto the beaches in Galveston, Texas. This story makes the public aware that drug smuggling is going on everyday in every way.

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