Drug Dealers Turn to Internet for Sales

Drug Dealer Online

A new drug trend with shocking implications is currently sweeping through the U.S.

Now people are buying illegal street drugs online, anonymously. They’re getting them shipped to their front doors by the U.S. Postal Service.

The illegal e-commerce website “Silk Road” is being called the “Amazon.com of Illegal Drugs”.

The website is of course hard to find. It uses a system that masks the identities and locations of its users. What is more, the website conducts its sales in the online currency “bitcoin” which isn’t tracked by any central authority or bank.

Silk Road ships heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana, among other drugs.

Senators Charles Schumer and Joe Manchin are calling for a U.S. government crackdown on the website, and for regulatory actions to be taken on the currency.

This is yet another reason why the answer to the drug problem in the United States is actually rooted in educating and rehabilitating drug users, rather than simply attacking on drug suppliers. Dealers and smugglers will do anything to get drugs to users. These are the criminal elements in our society that actually profit from the “war on drugs,” since decreased supply causes a rise in cost. Actually, every time a drug shipment gets seized, to a certain extent, the reward for taking risks with smuggling drugs increases for the crooks who are dealing.

The war on drugs can’t be won only with “crackdowns” but also needs rehabilitation and education. The more we educate our youth on the dangers of drugs, and the more we reach out to people who have become lost to their addictions and help them get back on the right track, the closer we will be to a drug-free U.S.

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