Narconon Offers Real Drug Abuse Solutions

Help for addicts

Drug and alcohol addiction does not stop just because a person changes his mind about wanting to use drugs or drink. If an addicted person could do that whenever he wanted, there wouldn’t be much of a problem.

As a matter of fact, an addict’s drug abuse started when he was confronted with a problem he didn’t know how to handle. This problem may have been as simple as social discomfort or anxieties or may have arisen from an unstable home life or issues at school or work. Physical pain or other health-related difficulties can also cause a person to turn to drugs for relief. When the individual couldn’t fix the problem, drugs and alcohol became the solution.

This fact leads us to a fundamental principle of treatment in the Narconon program. If this underlying reason is not addressed during rehab, the individual is very likely to return to drug use once rehab is complete. Why? Because when he runs into the same problem again, he knows the answer… the solution that has blotted out that problem every time: drugs, alcohol or both.

The Narconon program includes a thorough life skills component that helps each person gain the problem-solving, communication and social interaction skills that make it far easier to overcome problems, not be knocked down by them.

Every year, hundreds of new Narconon graduates return home to live enjoyable, drug-free lives. For more information on drug addiction treatment, call Narconon New Life Retreat. (877) 340-3602.