Narconon Louisiana:
The Solution to the Drug Addiction Epidemic


Narconon Louisiana, a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, opened its doors in 2006 as a resource for locals struggling with addiction. In an area that had seen widespread devastation after Hurricane Katrina, there was no real solution in place for the rampant drug addiction found in Southern Louisiana. Several years and hundreds of graduates later, the staff at Narconon Louisiana know without any doubt that this program offers a way to leave addiction behind for good.

One reason why Narconon Louisiana is so successful is that the program does not teach that addiction is a disease. For fifty years in Narconon centers on six continents, tens of thousands of people have recovered from addiction without believing that addiction is a disease. They needed no medication to recover. Instead, they worked on handling the underlying problems and reasons why a person uses drugs in the first place. Once these issues are isolated and handled and the individual can see that he (or she) is in control of his life, he no longer feels the need to cover up his problems with drugs or alcohol.

Jeff Lukas, Executive Director of Narconon Louisiana explains that these problems can differ depending on the individual. “Some people don’t feel comfortable with other people or they have suffered a loss or upset in life that they could never get over,” he says. “Everyone has a different reason for choosing drugs but the one thing that they all share is that they started using drugs because they saw them as a solution to this problem.”

For anyone trying to recover from addiction, both the mental and physical aspects of addiction must be addressed. The physical aspect is greatly improved by a step called the New Life Detoxification Program. On this phase of their rehab, clients are able to rid their bodies of the harmful drug residues left behind after drug use. Unhandled, these residues can stay in the body for years and have been shown to be involved in triggering cravings, a primary reason for relapse.

Drug or alcohol addiction currently affects 22 million people in the United States. But it does not have to go unhandled. If you or anyone you know is in need of help, please contact Narconon Louisiana.