Our Drug Rehab Facility

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Drug Rehab Centers are not all the same!
Drug Rehab Centers like ours are hard to find.

The Lodge

Our drug rehab center is located in a quiet and serene residential setting with plenty of trees and space on our campus. With more than fifteen acres of land, there is a lot of room to get out and relax, take a walk, enjoy outdoor activities, or just sit and read or talk with new found friends.

The Facility Pool

The Pool

Open for students’ use with staff member supervision and approval. Swimming is a great way to exercise and Louisiana’s warm climate means more available warm days throughout the year. Since we focus on the results of our alcohol and drug substance abuse program, we don’t consider ourselves a resort-style rehabilitation at all, but we do have many of the benefits of one.

Back Patio

The Back Patio

The patio is a great place to hang out in between scheduled sessions. You can have coffee, juice or water, read, write, or just take in the beautiful surroundings of one of the most relaxing substance abuse rehab centers around. The shaded tables make it comfortable and relaxing. It is just one of the many nice areas of the campus. Having a nice, calming atmosphere means no distractions when trying to work on becoming rehabilitated.

The Course Room

The course room

Where much of the time during the day is spent working on the curriculum of the program. Our supervisors and clinical staff assist each person to address their individual needs, people move at their own pace to ensure maximum benefit and results can be obtained in our systematic, responsibility-based approach that many drug rehab programs do not offer.

Workout Area

Workout equipment

Exercise is an important part of this program, so we have a wide variety of equipment and machines. Every person is required to do some form of light aerobic exercise each day before entering the sauna portion of the program. This starts to work up a sweat, increases the heart rate and gets the blood circulating well throughout the body.

Additional Areas of our Facility

Our living quarters

Student Bed Room

They are comfortable and relaxing, enabling you to focus on yourself and your treatment. Our beds are comfortable and the bathrooms and shower areas are beautiful and inviting. Our clients feel at home here and often remark that it is very peaceful.

Our student lounge and recreation areas

Pool table in lounge
Living Room

There are several places where people get to enjoy a game of pool, watch movies and sporting events, play games or hang out and talk in the evenings, between sessions and during other free time. There is plenty of space for everyone to be able to enjoy their free time.

Our Beautiful Campus

Flowers on campus
Wooded Area on Campus

The property has a lot of trees and 15 acres of open space, which creates a peaceful setting away from noise or congestion. It’s a great place to take walks and enjoy the outdoors and makes everyone feel comfortable. Getting away from everything makes it possible for individuals to focus on finding a real solution to the problems they were facing in life.

Contact us today for more information about our drug abuse rehab center by calling 1-800-473-0930