Drug Abuse Facts

Woman overdosed

The facts about drug abuse in the United States are difficult to swallow. According to Johns Hopkins University, more than one in twenty deaths in the United States are directly attributable to drug and alcohol abuse. Their study pointed out that this estimate is conservative as these numbers do not include disease and violent crime associated with drug abuse.

What is more, the economic impact of drug and alcohol abuse is estimated at over $400 billion annually. Illicit substance abusers make over half a million costly emergency room visits each year.

Meanwhile, our prisons are filling up with drug offenders. Drug abusers account for one third of the growth in incarcerations at state levels. What is more, the great majority of domestic violence victims report their attackers were abusing alcohol or illegal substances at the time of the altercation.

Knowing these drug abuse facts might make it easier to confront that your loved one may be abusing alcohol or illicit drugs. The problem of addiction is rampant in the United States.

For more drug abuse facts and for help, call our hotline. The counselors at the Narconon New Life Retreat have been helping addicts make recovery a fact for years.