Maryland Falls Below National Average for Cocaine, Heroin

Maryland Flag

A new federal report just published shows that fewer Marylanders use cocaine, marijuana and other illegal drugs compared with residents of other states. Well done, Maryland! This could be a sign that the state enforcement efforts are working.

Maryland Department of Health has observed that they are improving in all of the categories that deal with drug abuse. Other official organizations in Maryland have seen similar declines in cocaine and heroin use in terms of the number of people statewide seeking treatment and suffering seizures.

A number of factors have led to the decline of illegal drug use, including prevention and education programs in schools and law enforcement work. The figures are just a snapshot. It was reported that Maryland had decreases in the use of marijuana, cocaine and alcohol compared with the previous report which covered the 2007 and 2008 period.

Maryland’s 1.52 percent of the population that had tried cocaine was lower than the national average of 2 percent. This report is a useful tool to help keep the state on track.

There is a federal report which provides state-by-state analysis and it reveals that even though there are some wide variations among the states in types and levels of drug problems, every state must deal with these issues.

Drug rehab programs in Maryland, as well as local law enforcement agents, should be commended for their effective efforts.

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