Drug Trafficking Model

When you think of drug traffickers, a 39-year-old Mexican model is probably not the face that comes to mind. Well, this was just the case on  July 19th when 39-year-old model Anett Pikula’s was stopped at a border crossing in Lukeville, Arizona. Officers state that Anett was overly talkative and flirtatious which made them suspicious.

The  39-year-old model was sent for a second look over and when a drug-sniffing dog was used, it quickly spotted something. Inside the firewall of her white 2006 Mercedez, was 13 pounds of cocaine, with an estimated worth of over $134,000.

However the good news is that cocaine seizures along the border have been dropping. In 2013, 6728 pounds of cocaine were seized while in 2014 the total was only 2425 lbs.

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