Bath Salt Drug Use on the Rise

Bath Salts

The designer drug, “bath salts”, has continued to cause devastation even after being declared illegal by the Drug Enforcement Agency. The majority of bath salts are coming from manufacturing centers in China. However, in Louisiana, some very entrepreneurial drug dealers picked up on it before anyone else in the United States.

Bob Warren, a reporter for the Times Picayune in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, reports that a 21-year-old man, having recently ingested Bath Salts and “Rocked by waves of paranoia and imagining that the police were closing in on him, grabbed a knife and, in front of his horrified father and sister, swept the blade across his throat.”

The rising use of bath salts is causing serious concern for our community. Mr. Warren goes on to say, “We were first warned about it in the beginning of 2010. The very first cases were in July of that year but it really started to take off in October. That’s when Louisiana kind of went from no cases to the space shuttle taking off—we went vertical.”

Narconon Louisiana recognizes that law enforcement’s efforts are sometimes not enough to eradicate the drugs which plague our nation. Getting to the root of why drugs are used in the first place could offer a permanent solution.

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