Can You Pass This Drug Test?

Urine Test

Let’s test your knowledge. Are the following points true or false?

1. There are good drugs and bad drugs.
2. Most drugs don’t hurt your mind.
3. No one knows what causes people to take drugs.
4. Most drugs aren’t habit-forming.
5. Alcohol isn’t a drug.
6. Marijuana isn’t harmful.
7. Ecstasy is safer than other drugs.
8. Drugs increase creativity.
9. Drugs improve your senses.
10. Drugs stay in the body for only a short time.

Finished? Have your answers ready? Good. All ten of these statements are false!

Most of the information people get about drugs isn’t true. It comes from people who sell drugs, or from people who take drugs themselves. Companies that make drugs advertise them on TV in order to sell them and give out information about drugs that isn’t true.

People who take drugs often think that drugs are safe. Sometimes they find out they were wrong, but it’s too late. In order to make up your own mind about drugs, you need to know what drugs do.

Number 2 for example. Almost all drugs affect the mind. Normally, when a person remembers something, since the mind is very fast, the information comes to him very quickly from the pictures in his mind. But drugs blur the pictures, making them dull and cloudy and resulting in “blank spots” in the mind.

Number 5: Alcohol is one of the MOST used drugs. Alcohol is a drug. Like any other drug, it is poisonous to the body when consumed in large amounts. And, like other drugs, alcohol uses up vitamins in your body so you feel tired or sick after drinking it. This is what causes a “hangover.” If alcohol uses up too many vitamins, a person’s body can start shaking and sweating. The person can also feel worried and see things that are not there.

Number 9: Drugs dull all your senses. Because drugs numb the nervous system, they are a way to temporarily get rid of unwanted feelings like sadness, boredom or fear. Sometimes, such as in an emergency or when there has been an accident, drugs are needed so that an operation can be performed and the drugs are used to block off the pain and other unwanted feelings. Drugs however block off all feelings, good or bad.

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