Illegal Drug Trade Costing America Millions

As the economy continues to suffer and more and more people are out of work it can be a hard pill to swallow when you see or hear about the illegal drug trade. The amount of money it generates, including the massive amounts of money from taxpayers used to pay for drug-related prison terms and rehabilitation services total over $300 billion currently.

This money funds terrorist groups, gangs, and drug dealers. As more and more people begin to focus on the drug epidemic and how to handle it, it is becoming increasingly clear that one of the most important areas to focus on is handling the demand.

Narconon Louisiana is a long-term, inpatient drug and alcohol rehab that has been handing drug addiction for almost five years. Despite the large demand for drugs and alcohol by addicts, Narconon Louisiana proves that there is a way to handle drug addiction permanently. Consistently, a majority of our program graduates achieve stable, lasting sobriety.

Unlike most drug rehabs, Narconon Louisiana focuses on handling addiction in two ways, physically and mentally. This allows the person to handle both things that drugs and alcohol destroy. Upon enrolling in the Narconon Louisiana program, clients address the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms as well as the constant threat of cravings. Narconon Louisiana ensures that clients handle the physical aspect of the addiction first because it has been found that the biggest barrier to sobriety is the painful withdrawal symptoms and the constant and severe cravings. One of the most unique parts of the Narconon Louisiana program is the use of a detailed regimen of a low-heat sauna, exercise and nutrition to drastically reduce physical drug cravings.

In addition to the sauna program, clients go on to address why they started using drugs and/or alcohol in the first place and they learn the life skills needed to create and maintain successful, drug-free lives. The Narconon program allows a person to stop using drugs as a solution to a problem and to really handle those underlying issues and problems.

Drug demand is a worldwide problem that effects billions but the good news is that with effective rehab we can decrease this demand and save individual addicts. If you or someone you know is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction call Narconon Louisiana at 866-422-4650 for more information. Help is available.