Increase in Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

In the last few years emergency rooms around the country have been reporting a growing number of teenagers coming in drunk after drinking cheap, liquid hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizers, which one can make into a 120-proof liquid, contain over 60% ethyl alcohol and are becoming an increasingly popular route for getting drunk. According to the Los Angeles Times, six teens have been taken to emergency rooms in the San Fernando Valley and treated for alcohol poisoning after drinking the hand sanitizers. It has become more and more common to find teens and even adults searching for something to alter their emotional state—including drinking hand sanitizer.

Officials are now telling parents to treat hand sanitizers as they would treat liquors and medications in their home. Experts recommend buying non-alcohol based hand sanitizers or even buying the foam product, from which alcohol is harder to extract. The use of a substance to solve a problem is the issue to address. Drugs and/or alcohol are chosen as a solution to relieve life’s discomforts; whether it be loss of a loved one, a breakup or even a setback in attaining a career goal. Physical and mental complications then follow. It all adds up to a serious decline in the person’s quality of life. Narconon Louisiana helps the person not only solve his addiction, but helps the person resolve the problem behind his addiction. If you or someone you know are suffering from addiction and/or alcoholism, call our hotline now.