The Newest Victims of Addiction

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A teacher in West Virginia explains that she can always tell when a student is being neglected by looking at their shoes. In tiny War, West Virginia, the majority of the residents live below the poverty line. In this coal mining town, business has been in decline for decades. Residents who have not fled the town have long used alcohol abuse to try to self-medicate away their pain and suffering. In recent years, alcohol has been replaced by painkillers and other drugs. 

So in the households of these students, funds are often spent on alcohol or drugs instead of shoes, socks or good food. Dilapidated shoes and missing socks indicate poverty and often, drug abuse in the household. 

McDowell’s children are the latest wave of victims as widespread addiction rips families apart — more misery for communities already suffering economic hardships from job losses in the coal industry.

While law officials struggle to find solutions to the problem, the drug situation continues to worsen. West Virginia’s increase in drug use is a culmination of declining standard of living and rising drug addiction. Prescription drug and illicit drug abuse have become a serious problem in many counties throughout the state.

The drug problem in West Virginia has gotten to the point that the federal government has offered funding to start a program to tackle the growing situation. The staff at Narconon New Life Retreat would like to offer aid in this time of need. We offer free drug education materials and referrals to treatment centers. Drug education has shown to be a useful tool in preventing future drug use in individuals. Please call us today for this free information or if you need assistance finding a treatment center for yourself or a loved one.