Why Do People Become Addicted to Drugs?

Women Struggling

The idea of addiction for most people is fueled by what they watch on television, what they read in newspapers, and what they learn in school. But for a growing amount of people their concept of addiction has become frighteningly real. They see first hand the lies, manipulation, desperation, loneliness, and pain that is addiction. And inevitably, they wonder, “Why do people become addicted to drugs?” Finally there is an answer.

People abuse drugs and alcohol because they are attempting to solve a problem. Every day, every minute, we are faced with problems. For the most part we handle them and move on—it is what makes life interesting. But for some, they just cannot see around a certain obstacle. And, whether they know it or not, resort to drugs and alcohol as a way to get around life’s barriers. Over time, they begin to amass more problems and more barriers, turning to drugs and alcohol each time. At that point they can no longer see the original problem—only a long list of things to avoid. So now that we know that someone abuses drugs and alcohol as a way to handle life, what do we do next?

Rehab is the only real answer to this question. But there is a catch—a rehab that does not acknowledge that an addict has the ability to cease being an addict, will not help. In fact they won’t even attempt to handle the problems that led to the drug use in the first place. In order for the addiction to be completely handled one has to search out a rehab that will restore the abilities of an addict and help them become the person they were always meant to be. One such rehab, Narconon Louisiana, has achieved permanent recovery for the vast majority of its graduates by helping addicts figure out what problems drugs and alcohol were solutions for. While this viewpoint on addiction is sometimes not the norm, it does produce drug-free, productive members of society.

Narconon Louisiana is a long-term, inpatient drug rehab located just outside of Baton Rouge. They have been helping people get off drugs for over four years, and since their inception, have become one of the premier facilities in the United States.

There are several components to the Narconon Louisiana program, all of which guide the person towards a life without the need for drugs and alcohol. In addition to finding out what problems drugs and alcohol are “solving” for the person, clients on this program are given the opportunity to cleanse their body of the dangerous toxins that are left behind from the drug and alcohol abuse. These toxins and the physical drug cravings they cause are the number-one reason why addicts relapse within weeks, months and even years after they have stopped using drugs.

The high rate of success for Narconon Louisiana graduates is due to the combined effectiveness of the program which addresses both the physical factors causing cravings to return and the knowledge and awareness students obtain through life skills courses which enable them to handle the life situations which led to drug use in the first place.

Drugs and alcohol abuse will destroy everything and everyone in its path, until it gets handled permanently. If you or someone you know are struggling with a substance abuse problem please call Narconon Louisiana for more information.