Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) Finds Increases in Drug Related Deaths

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The results found by DAWN in reference to drug related deaths are startling. Surveying specific areas and often entire states, DAWN documented the percentage increase in drug related deaths from year to year. Some of the results are as follows:

William County, Illinois 43% increase in drug related deaths from 2008-2009;
Birmingham area, Alabama 80% increase in drug related deaths from 2008-2009;
Alamogordo, New Mexico and Ada, Oklahoma saw a 100% and 156.7% increase, respectively.

These startling statistics lead one to question what is happening in the minds and hearts of drug addicts that literally makes them abuse drugs and alcohol until it kills them?

Addiction starts with an individual who is basically good, the formerly happy child involved in school and sports, the stay-at-home mom, the business owner, etc. Somewhere along the line each of these people are faced with something in life that they needed help with, couldn’t control, were afraid of, etc. For some reason they turned to drugs as a solution and then they spiraled downward and compounded their problems. An addict becomes physically, mentally, and emotionally addicted to their choice(s) of drug and alcohol; and without it, they are ill in every way imaginable.

At that point, for the addict, there is no foreseeable way to stop using or start life over. Here you have someone who has broken their own heart and destroyed everything in their path. They hate themselves and they make sure everyone else begins to hate them as well. Is it possible to clean up the mess and start to live again?

Narconon Louisiana believes that drug addiction started for a specific reason. If an addict can get to the point where he or she can find and face that reason, they can then permanently resolve the need for drugs and alcohol. The dedicated and passionate staff at our drug rehabilitation program want to help.

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