Can an Addict Survive?

Addict Homeless

According to the Los Angeles Times, “Drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in the United States.” The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reports that 100 people die every hour of an overdose. To the loved ones of an addict, these are horrifying statistics. To the drug abuser or alcoholic, the possibility of death horrifyingly seems to bring relief.

An addict can survive for a while, but he or she barely does so. If you consider breathing, occasionally eating and sometimes bathing are survival, then the addict is surviving. For those who consider themselves “functioning” drug or alcohol users, the lies and the loneliness involved in maintaining their secret from the world is exhausting and even further minimizes their survival.

Survival doesn’t mean “going through the motions of living”, but addicts are doing just that.

If you are just barely making it through each day, then you are not really surviving. Breathing is involuntary—addition is not.

Many recovered addicts say they were “dead on the inside” and indeed they were. Life can return to the heart and the mind of an addict. Narconon Louisiana helps the person not only solve his addiction, but resolve the problem behind his addiction. The staff are dedicated and passionate about breathing life back into those people who have almost given up hope. We at Narconon know that you can overcome your addiction.

It is time to begin living again. If you or a loved one are facing the emptiness of addiction, our drug rehab in Louisiana can help. Call now.