Drug Abusers Need Help to Make Change

Stressed Woman

Drug abusers are often in a state of denial. Not only are they continually lying to family members and friends about the depth of their addiction, they often lie to themselves about how bad things have gotten. As this is a symptom of their inability to address their actual situations, they are also not willing to look at the repercussions of their habit. Drug abusers need help in order to make the changes necessary to change their lives. If they could do it themselves, they wouldn’t be addicted anymore.

Such help can take many forms. The first step might be simply sitting down with the addict and talking to them about what is happening in their life. This talk would not be in the form of a drug lecture. The friend or family member wanting to help should get into communication about the person’s addiction and the problems they are facing. It is best to ask questions and then to be quiet and listen. Let the person you are trying to help do the talking and you’ll be more successful. Also be sure to let the person know you have heard what they have said, even if you disagree with it.

Don’t get upset with them if they blame others and don’t themselves take responsibility for their own condition. Part of why the person is addicted to begin with, is that he or she is not taking responsibility for their own bad condition and is instead blaming others.

You will be amazed how therapeutic it is for an addict to have someone simply listening to them and how far that may go in helping an addict sort out his or her life. In many cases, however, drug abusers need professional help. To put it simply, chances are that if you are the friend or family member of a drug addict, you have already been lied to and taken advantage of many times. Since the addict has woven this web of lies, they know it will be difficult to overcome the dishonesty instilled by years of deception.

Drug rehab programs, such as Narconon New Life Retreat, can help coordinate interventions, wherein a trained drug counselor actually travels to the home of the drug addict and meets with family. Then it is worked out to get in communication with the addict to solicit his agreement to check in to a long term drug rehab program.

Family support is vital to the recovery process. And this starts with seeking help for a loved one. For more information about obtaining a drug abuse intervention and how to get your loved one into a substance abuse program that will help, contact us now.