Substance Abuse and Suicide

Suicide with drugs

Drug Abuse Warning Network, (DAWN) estimates there were almost 200,000 medical emergencies resulting in emergency room visits for drug-related suicide attempts in 2009.

According to a paper released by the Center For Substance Abuse Treatment, “…several decades of evidence consistently suggests that as many as 90 percent of individuals who do complete suicide, had experienced a mental or substance abuse disorder, or both.”

Depression is the source of a constant and significant amount of discomfort that prompts continued drug use. It is also the second major barrier to recovery for those seeking treatment for their addictions. (The first barrier is cravings.) Although an addict has a disregard for consequences and may seem like they do not care, they are overwhelmed by grief, anger, shame, guilt, depression, and anxiety due to their use. This turmoil obviously may lead to a suicide attempt, and too often, that attempt is successful.

Is it possible for drug addicts to overcome the mental and physical pain they are experiencing and achieve a sober, happy life?

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The addict will address different facets of their addiction and be able to heal all those areas of life which they have been destroying through their drug and alcohol use. Our 100% holistic, residential treatment is run by dedicated and passionate staff who know there is an answer. If you or someone you love is ready to stop the pain of addiction, call our hotline now and speak with an experienced, helpful drug counselor.

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