How Bad Influences Drive Addictive Behavior


Today we are going to talk about the people in our lives. Yes, all of those lovely people who sometimes try to stop you in your actions, or they don’t have such good opinions about you—and they don’t hesitate telling you about it.

In other words, they invalidate you and put you down. Sometimes these people have a very destructive influence on your life. Actually drug or alcohol users tend to associate primarily with other drug users and it can be hard for them to break the connection to some of these harmful people.

Sometimes we are trying to do better in life and some of these people will do what they can to stop our success even though it seems like they are helping us. (At least, that is what they say they are doing.)

Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to spot when a person is doing that harmful number on us and how we can do something about it?

Narconon New Life Retreat has a very specific part of its program that teaches us how to handle this. You can learn first of all how to recognize who is harming you and what actions are harming you. Then you learn what it takes to handle or disconnect from this person.

You may ask, “What relevance does this have to being drug free?” The answer is that these people (like your dealers, or the “friends” who pushed drugs on you in the first place) can pressure you to revert to drugs.

On this program you will learn the actual traits of social and anti-social personalities, and that will give you more control over your decisions of who you choose to associate with in your life. Now you will not go back to hanging out with destructive people or environments.

One advantage of Narconon New Life Retreat long term drug abuse rehab program is that its students have the ability to “get away from it all”. They are able to go to a beautiful, distraction-free facility away from all the people and pressures that led them to use drugs in the first place. Our facility gives our students a calm, safe space where they can learn, reassess and realign their lives.

If you or someone you love need help with drug addiction, call a counselor now. Our drug abuse center can help.