The Road Out from Drug Abuse and Addiction

Road to recovery

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to an on-site, drug-free rehab program which allows you to overcome the immediate drug cravings and withdrawals? That’s one of the benefits for which Narconon Riverbend is most famous. Our program gets you through withdrawal without the usual agony.

We believe that it makes no sense that a person who is trying to get off drugs should be given other drugs to help him or her get off the first set. At our on-site program we will get you through the rough times with no drugs, only nutritional supplements and special exercises to ease physical and emotional pains. Before entering this drug-free withdrawal program, a person goes through a medical qualification process over the phone with an intake counselor to determine if medical detox is necessary. Then off we go into the Narconon program—100% drug-free. Riverbend does not replace one harmful drug for another. What’s more, there is always a trained specialist with you – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

During the withdrawal period our specialist will be delivering special techniques which relieve most, if not all, withdrawal symptoms. Can you imagine someone working with you personally to get you through these withdrawals? Our withdrawal specialists care about you and are there to ensure that you get results from the program. One of these techniques is providing calcium and magnesium and vitamin supplements. This calcium and magnesium is in a special formula for muscle and bone aches. We all know we go through this during withdrawals. There are also special procedures used to help reduce or eliminate much of the pain involved in getting off drugs.

If you’d like to get off drugs and not have to take other drugs to do so, call one of our drug abuse rehab counselors now. We are happy to help.

Our drug abuse rehabilitation program has been helping people to successfully overcome addiction for years.