Alcohol Abuse Rehab: Treatment for Alcoholism & Addiction

Alcohol abuse is the most prevalent form of substance abuse in the United States. Of the 3.9 million Americans who seek treatment for substance abuse each year, 2.5 million of those people are getting help with alcoholism. Our approach to handling alcohol addiction and the problems associated with long-term use go far beyond simply drying the person out. While short-term programs focus on white-knuckle abstinence which nearly always results in failure, our program searches out and handles the exact reasons a person began to drink in the first place.

Knowing the Facts – A Powerful Alcohol Addiction Treatment

It’s important to know the facts about alcoholism. Being armed with the facts is a powerful alcohol addiction treatment center. Alcohol is a depressant. Its effect depends on how much is consumed. At first, perhaps after the first drink, the alcohol abuser receives a stimulant effect. In other words, he may experience feeling more awake or “loose”. After more drinking, however, alcohol’s true nature as a depressant sets in. At this point, he may lose control. His judgment is definitely impaired. While there are many different preparations, concentrations, and brands of alcohol, all of them have the same type of effects. Alcohol abuse treatment is needed particularly in the teen and young adult population, where over 90% of all alcohol consumed is through “binge drinking”. In binge drinking, the alcohol abuser consumes several drinks in a short span of time. The effect of alcohol is actually delayed as the body copes with trying to metabolize it. Because of this, the binge drinker may actually drink at levels too toxic for him to survive, but not realize it until it’s too late. There are definite signs of alcoholism (also known as “alcohol dependence”). These signs can be used as indicators that an alcohol addiction rehab is necessary. These signs consist of craving, wherein the alcoholic has a compulsion to drink; loss of control, where the alcoholic is unable to limit his drinking; physical dependence, where the alcohol abuser suffers withdrawal symptoms should he attempt to implement an alcohol abuse treatment; and tolerance, wherein he needs to drink more and more alcohol in order to get the same level of “high.” Alcoholism is a major problem in the United States. As a matter of fact, 16 million Americans report that they are involved in “binge drinking” at least five days a month. What is more, 1.4 million arrests are made for drunk driving each year in the United States alone. Long-term effects of alcohol abuse can cause alcohol poisoning, ulcers, liver damage, damage to the nerves, sexual problems, and permanent brain damage. Unless an alcoholic receives treatment to get sober, these are the inevitable results of his habit.

Alcoholism – Restoring Health And Fitness

The handling of alcohol addiction doesn’t stop after the body has been freed from the immediate toxic impact of the alcohol. Often medical detoxification is a requirement for heavy drinkers who are at risk of seizure. But such programs do not handle the underlying issues which led to the individuals abusing alcohol in the first place nor do they handle they address the craving for alcohol which makes staying sober such a difficult task for those who attempt this relying on support groups and their own will power to overcome the body's demand for more alcohol. Put very plainly modern medicine has failed to properly treat alcoholics and this is the cause of relapse and continued cravings. By utilizing the New Life Detoxification regimen of the low-heat sauna, exercise and nutrition the Narconon program helps the alcoholic free themselves from the continuing toxic effects of past alcohol consumption, which allows the body to heal and natural recovery to take place. This is the fundamental solution to the real reason people relapse and is a critical step to being able to maintain an alcohol-free life. Our program goes even further, taking the person through a series of steps and life skill courses during which the individual is able to address the problems which led to excessive drinking in the first place and to learn the skills and tools useful in maintaining a life free from addiction.

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