The Drug Addict as a Criminal

Guy in jail

The United Nations News Service (UN News Service) reports, “Drug trafficking and the violence committed by its associated organized crime is the biggest threat to public safety in the Americas, according to the Executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).”

Drug addicts and crime go hand in hand. Where there was once a bright and eager child or a kind person, there now exists a lying thief who will do anything to get high. If you know someone who is an addict, they are quite often a criminal as well. Why do they steal from loved ones and strangers alike?

The addict eventually becomes trapped in a vicious cycle of using drugs, hiding the fact, lying about drug use and even stealing to support more drug use. Many addicts also turn to drug dealing in order to access more drugs and money, but most of all because it makes them feel better when they are living a life of seeming powerlessness over their addiction. So why do they continue when they are clearly living a life of misery?

The physical pain suffered when the drugs are not numbing the body is one factor. Another important factor is the guilt which prompts the addict to use more drugs in order to temporarily relieve the heavy burden on his heart. In this way, guilt helps maintain the trap of addiction. The addict gets caught up in the lifestyle and the emotions associated with drug use. He experiences loss and misery due to his use. Then it becomes impossible, in his mind, to stop. If he stops, he knows there will be physical, mental, and emotional pain. And so the cycle continues.

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