Edible Epidemic

Marijuana Brownie

The battle cry of marijuana activists is that the drug has never been associated with a single death. This has become an outdated argument. In March, a third death related to marijuana edibles was reported.

While vacationing in Denver with his family, Luke Goodman and his cousin bought $78 worth of marijuana edibles and consumed the recommended dose. Afterwards, his cousin said, “Luke began acting strangely and refused to go out with the family later that night. After his family left, he shot himself with a gun he had for self-defense.“ His mother, Kim Goodman, blames her son’s death on “a complete reaction to the drugs.

This death came at a time when marijuana activists in Colorado were opposing a bill requiring marijuana edibles to look distinctly different from regular food products. Marijuana edibles account for 48% of Colorado’s new marijuana industry and contain extremely high levels of THC—the primary intoxicant of marijuana.

The truth is that marijuana is a mind-altering drug with unpredictable effects—especially the more potent forms on the market today. This post is intended to educate and spread awareness.

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