Drug Use among Children Reaches Staggering Numbers

Child with arguing parents

Every day, 8,500 people, mostly children, start using drugs for the first time. (www.samhsa.gov) That is equivalent to 283.3 full school buses every day! This sweeping epidemic of drug addiction starts much earlier than most parents believe, and it continues until the person either achieves sobriety, goes to jail, or dies. There is only one acceptable option—sobriety.

The theory that “relapse is a part of recovery” and that addicts should accept a state of “powerlessness” should be unacceptable to anyone affected by addiction. While most treatment centers view addiction as a chronic, relapsing brain disease, Narconon Louisiana’s statistics prove that people have the ability to put alcohol and other drug abuse permanently behind them and live productive, drug-free lives.

When an addict feels the hopelessness and experiences the loss due to his or her addiction, recovery can seem very elusive. Many have experienced failures at traditional treatment centers and through 12-Step programs. So how can an addict actually achieve long-term sobriety? The answer is a treatment center that focuses on addressing the physical impact of continued drug abuse as well as uncovering the life situations or problems an addict tries to solve by abusing drugs.

Addiction is an experience that robs years and years of life from many men and women—not to mention their families. It is not enough to simply spend 28 days drying out or relying on a 12-Step program to provide social support in the hopes of keeping the addict free from drug abuse. Narconon Louisiana believes that to be effective, a treatment must address the range of factors which hold the addict locked into his or her addiction.

Narconon Louisiana is considered one of the top drug-abuse solutions in the United States. Our staff and counselors are trained to help drug addicts put a permanent end not only to their drug abuse, but to the pain they have accumulated over the years. We can help you or your loved one start to live again with effective drug abuse solutions. Call our hotline now.