Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses Reach New High

Spice Mr.Happy

Synthetic marijuana overdoses have skyrocketed this year. Last year, the total number of overdoses ended at 3,682 according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. By early July of this year, the number had already reached 4,377.

Called “weaponized marijuana” by the former New York Police Commissioner William Bratton, 30% of the police departments across America have attributed violent crimes to the use of this drug. The violence includes stabbings, shootings and public disturbances.

“These dangerous products do not belong on store shelves within our neighborhoods and are a threat to public health,” Bratton said in a statement to CNN.

One of the most dangerous things about this drug is the large variation in chemical makeup between brands. Synthetic marijuana has been found to be any of 7 chemical structure groups, with several derivations of each. Although often referred to simply as “synthetic cannabinoids”, many of the substances are not structurally related to the so-called “classical” cannabinoids, i.e. compounds, such as THC which is based on dibenzopyran.

The effects of these drugs can be life threatening, which is why being educated on them is so important. We provide drug education on the signs of abuse for synthetic marijuana and all other drugs. Call us now for help to find the best treatment for your loved one if that person is abusing drugs.