Maryland Marijuana Drug Threat Assessment

Marijuana is the most available and most commonly-abused illicit drug in Maryland. Most of the marijuana in Maryland is produced in Mexico, but some of it is produced in indoor and outdoor grows within the state. Though marijuana distribution is not usually associated with violence, in Maryland, it’s different. Turf wars are frequent between the different groups bringing the drug into the state.

Out of a population of around six million people, about 440,000 are current illicit drug users. About three-quarters of these people use marijuana, although many will use other drugs as well. 

More than one in five persons indulged in binge drinking in the past month. It’s possible that number is so high because of the 55 colleges and universities in the state.

Nearly 400,000 people in Maryland needed help with a drinking or a drug addiction, far more than the rehab facilities in the state could serve. More people needed drug rehab for alcohol than any other drug, but not by much. The numbers needing rehab for heroin, marijuana and other opiates (prescription painkillers) are not far behind. 

Drugs affect all parts of our lives. We all need to be more educated so we can educate our children. 

If you are looking for a drug rehab in Maryland, we suggest that you broaden your search to include rehabs throughout the U.S. There are benefits to getting your loved one out of the chaotic environment he (or she) has created for himself in his hometown.

Narconon Riverbend is one of the premier long term drug rehabs in the country. For years, we have been successful in helping the addicted build stable, productive lives. 

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