Signs of Drug Addiction

If you are not sure about the possibility that someone you know may be abusing drugs, this page may be of some help. Listed below are some of the most commonly abused drugs and the signs to look out for. Don’t, as many parents or spouses have told us, be caught completely unaware when small signs have gone unnoticed and a catastrophe occurs. The police knocking on the door or a phone call from a hospital are not the times to realize that someone has a drug addiction problem. Narconon assists individuals and families by providing free drug information, consultations and referrals.

It is sometimes difficult to imagine that a loved one is using drugs. The signs of drug addiction can range from seemingly harmless lapses in judgment to involvement with law enforcement. Very often when clients come in for treatment it is clear that there were many warning signs, sometimes spanning years, which had simply been missed by the addict’s loved ones. Often if these signs had been noticed earlier the addict would have suffered fewer consequences from their drug use.

In all instances of drug addiction, watch for a tendency on the part of the abuser to refrain and shun conversation and face-to-face meetings with others. You are watching for behavior that represents a somewhat dramatic change in character from previous experience. The signs of drug abuse and drug addiction can be and will be explained away by the person using the drugs.

Don’t be fooled. As painful as it may be, detecting the signs of drug abuse, learning about the different types of drugs and getting help can possibly save someone’s life.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t wait. Get Help call Narconon! A drug addiction won’t go away by talking or wishing it away.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

redbull and scotch
  • Breath smells of Alcohol
  • Eyes unusually bright
  • Illogical talk
  • Sleeps late
  • Hidden bottles or cans

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Prescription Drugs

Spilled Pill Bottle
  • Appears drunk
  • Slurred speech
  • Stumbling gate
  • Droopy eyes

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Signs of Heroin Abuse

heroin and spoon
  • Missing valuable items
  • Pinpoint pupils
  • Bent or blackened spoons
  • Falling asleep while sitting
  • Scars or red marks on arms

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Signs of Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine and Razorblades
  • Constantly sniffing
  • May have no appetite
  • Very powerful lighters
  • Grouchiness
  • Illogical talk
  • Sleeps late
  • Crushed, burned cans

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Signs of Meth Abuse

Meth Crystals
  • Erratic behavior
  • Broken teeth
  • Weight loss
  • May sweat profusely
  • Scabs on arms, face, legs
  • Sleeps late after no sleep
  • Broken glass, light bulbs

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Signs of Marijuana Abuse

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Dazed appearance
  • Slurred speech
  • Suddenly very hungry
  • Illogical talk
  • Sleeps late
  • Blank stare

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