The War on Methamphetamine

The spread of methamphetamine use has been a growing problem in the United States for more than a decade. Recent trends in Nebraska show that their methamphetamine problem has recently gotten more serious. Nebraska law officials have responded by cracking down on sales and use of the drug in their communities. They formed the Western Nebraska Intelligence and Narcotics Group (WING) to fight the problem.

“During the last three years, WING investigators arrested 114 people on meth-related charges. WING seized 11 grams of meth in 2011. This year, that number has gone up 1000 percent, with WING investigators taking 121 grams of meth off the streets.”

Additionally, they have been educating communities on the scope of the problem and how to protect themselves. Education is a key part to drug prevention.

To help families spot signs of methamphetamine use, here are some things to look for: 


  • Not sleeping for extended periods of time
  • Unexplained and significant weight loss
  • Nervousness, anxiety, paranoia
  • Unusual activity
  • Loss of appetite

Meth is comes as a powder or crystals and is snorted, smoked in a pipe or injected.

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