Reno, Nevada Detectives Crack Down on Alcohol Sales to Minors

Reno detectives recently conducted undercover operations in liquor stores in Reno, sending minor-aged decoys into nearly 50 convenience stores. The youth then attempted to purchase alcohol. More than ten percent of the clerks challenged in this operation allowed the illegal purchase.

Underaged abuse of alcohol will continue regardless of whether or not alcohol sales laws are enforced in Reno. This is because teens often simply steal the alcohol or else get older friends to buy it for them.

In a recent national survey, it was found that teenagers have an easier time obtaining marijuana than alcohol, although both are frequently abused by teens. Thus it is obvious that law enforcement alone won’t be able to solve the drug and alcohol abuse problem. Rather, we need to use effective educational methods to prevent youth from starting to use drugs and alcohol in the first place.

It is has been found that people who drink while underage are also more likely to abuse marijuana, prescription medications and other drugs. While prescription drug abuse is on the rise, and marijuana has always been the most commonly abused controlled substance, alcohol abuse still sends the most Americans to rehab. If you or your loved one needs a Reno, NV drug rehab, we can help. Call our hotline at 1-877-862-4326. The Riverbend Retreat can help.

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