The Silent Epidemic

When the average person thinks about drugs, they usually think of heroin, meth or marijuana. They picture drug dealers, homeless people, and troubled youth. In Montana, however, this is not the case. The most common drugs of abuse in Montana are prescribed by doctors. One report notes that this problem can go unseen for a long time. 

“Prescription drug abuse tiptoes under the radar, cloaked in the white-coated respectability of a doctor’s office or pharmacy.”

The abuse and misuse of prescription drugs can have serious side effects, including addiction. One woman commented that prescription drugs were harder to get off than illicit drugs she had previously abused. She also said they were easier to acquire because seniors who need money will sell the prescriptions they aren’t using.

It is important for people to lock up their prescriptions to prevent their misuse. Many people start on the road to addiction with prescription pills. They get medication for an injury or after surgery and may end up addicted without even realizing it was happening. If one of your loved ones is prescribed medication to recover from an illness or injury, educate them and protect them from abusing their prescription.

Signs that someone has become addicted to prescriptions pills:


  • Switching doctors to keep getting prescriptions
  • Driving long distances to see a different doctor
  • Pill bottles from more than one doctor
  • Loss of memory
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety over the prescription running out


We offer free drug education on the signs of drug abuse for all drugs. If you know anyone who is struggling with drug addiction, please contact us now so we may assist them. Addiction does not have to be the end of a happy, productive life.

Let us help. We are dedicated to bringing people back from the ruins of drug addiction.