Drug Education

Narconon Drug Education Class

Narconon New Life Retreat offers drug education free of charge whether for you, someone in your family or a personal friend. We have dedicated drug education specialist who provides drug education talks for all ages.

Drug education is perhaps the most powerful tool for preventing future drug abuse and addiction which is particularly important when kids today are indulging in risky behavior with drugs and alcohol at younger ages.

Impact of Drugs on Students

Among high school students nationwide in 2013, 41% had used marijuana, 6% had used any form of cocaine, 2% had used heroin, 3% had used methamphetamines, 7% had used ecstasy, and 3% had taken steroid pills or shots without a doctor’s prescription one or more times during their life.

These percentages may seem small but in 2015 it is estimated 14.9 million students will be enrolled in highschool. In translation even 2% using a form of cocaine would roughly equal 298 thousand students using cocaine before they graduate highschool.

Narconon Drug Education

The drug education we deliver is interactive and designed to teach by engaging students and adults to get them engaged and really thinking about the repercussions of drug use. These “talks” cover both the physical and mental effects of using drugs and is geared to the specific age group it is being presented to with emphasis on participation. Information is much better retained when the audience takes an active role in the class.

Contact us today to schedule a drug education event for a class, meeting, or even smaller groups. In addition, if you need any materials for at home drug education, please call us. We would be happy to send you free drug education materials free of charge.